What Todd's clients have to say about him.

“Todd’s presentation was fantastic, even life changing!  The positive feedback we received came from every area: technicians, administrators, educators and office staff.  He was entertaining and very informative.  As he speaks, it is evident that he is very passionate about his message of healthy living and he desires each one listening to make positive changes.  And with “Todd’s Top Five” it is so easy to start on the path to healthier living.”

~ Barbara L. Brown, Chief Technology Officer, Lewisville Independent School District

“Todd's presentation was best in class! His knowledge and first-hand examples were compelling, thought-provoking, and inspired all of us to make subtle or significant changes to increase our overall health.”

~ Mike Lauesen, Vistage Chairman

“I’ve asked Todd to speak to my employees twice in the past year, first to our leadership team and then to the entire workforce.  His knowledge and communication style connects with employees at all levels.  He shares insightful scientific data in a simple, practical way that motivates his audiences to be healthier today than they were yesterday. We’ve had several employees make dramatic improvements in their personal health after hearing Todd speak.”

~ Matt Oldroyd, President and CEO, Partsmaster

“Todd’s message on wellness and personal responsibility is engaging, passionate, humorous and relevant. I highly recommend Todd to anyone looking for an impactful speaker.”

~ Curt Hursh, VP, United Healthcare of North Texas and Oklahoma

“Todd holds audiences in the palm of his hand. His delivery, grasp of his material, stage presence, moment by moment contact with his audience and just his overall classy personae make him one our country’s greatest presenters. I have been both Todd’s student and his host for several presentations within my profession and I tell all who listen, Todd Whitthorne will make any program chair look like a mastermind!”

~ Larry J. Cook, D.M.D. Past President, American Academy of Dental Practice Administration

“Todd was great! His message connected perfectly with our audience and it was delivered with passion, humor and authority.”

~ George Wilkerson Communications Industry Group Leader Market Strategies International (YPO, Arkansas)

“Todd did a great job and his message was well received. Todd spoke for a little over an hour including Q & A, which is usually more than our chapter members will sit for but they wouldn’t let him stop. We had one of our biggest turnouts of the year!”

~ Greg Maday, Kansas City YPO

“It’s obvious that Wellness is Todd’s passion, not just his profession. I have no doubt he made a lasting impression on everyone who had the good fortune to attend his program.”

~ W. Yvonne Evans, Clerk of Court, United States Bankruptcy Court

“After hearing Todd speak to a group of CEO’s in New Orleans, I invited him to address my company in Baton Rouge. His message of “Know your numbers, knowledge is power” is critical since in order to have a healthy business, you need to have healthy employees. I enthusiastically recommend Todd as a speaker without hesitation!”

~ Kristin Wall, President/CEO, Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation

“What a wonderful program Todd presented to our group. Everyone was mesmerized the entire time….a difficult task for these hardened YPO’ers!”

~ Dianne Kaufmann, Administrator, YPO Tulsa Chapter